Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reversing Type I Diabetes with The pH Miracle for Diabetes

John is a 13 year old boy from San Francisco, California and was diagnosed with Type I diabetes with blood sugars as high as 540 mg/dl and a A1c of 12.  John's Mother introduced John to the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.  His blood sugars are now normal, his A1c has dropped to 5.9 and he no longer needs insulin injection.  John will continue on the pH Miracle for Diabetes program to continue his healing of his bowels where diabetes begins.  That's right.  My theory is diabetes begins in the bowels NOT the pancreas.  Two of the major contributors to the condition of diabetes and damage to the intestinal villi of the small intestines is the ingestion of animal protein and high sugar foods.  John is happy to know that he does NOT have to take insulin for the rest of his life.  John's progress is being followed by the University of California San Francisco, California and the pH Miracle Living Center,  San Diego, California.  For more information of reversing Type I and Type II diabetes read The pH Miracle for Diabetes by Dr. Robert and Shelley Young.

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