Saturday, August 11, 2012

An Avocado A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

In 1932, a great scientist by the name of Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the cause of cancer.

In regard to Dr. Otto Warburg's cancer research back in the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's - there is this paragraph in regard to lactic acid production and cancerous cells which have an acidic pH.

The crux of his (Dr. Otto Warburg) Nobel thesis was that malignant tumors frequently exhibit an increase in anaerobic glycolysis -- a process whereby glucose is used as a fuel by cancer cells with lactic acid as an anaerobic by-product -- compared to normal tissues. The large amount of lactic acid produced by this fermentation of glucose from cancerous cells is then transported to the liver.

This conversion of glucose to lactate generates a lower, more acidic pH in cancerous tissues as well as overall physical fatigue from lactic acid buildup. Thus, larger tumors tend to exhibit a more acidic pH.

The above information on the cause of cancerous tissue is important to understand because of the recent developments as follows:

First, many of you know Shelley and I operate an organic avocado and grapefruit ranch where we have been doing research and developing many new products for health and wellness, using avocados. We recently released several of these products, under our new label, "Young pHorever", including:

1) A liquid avocado extract of glutathione which has many health and wellness benefits.

2) An avocado/aloe shampoo and conditioner for all hair types and has been helpful in reversing hair loss.

3) An avocado base alkaline fruit and vegetable supplement.

4) An avocado base fruit and vegetable powder called Doc Broc Power Plants. A super antioxidant.

5) An avocado base skin moisturizer

6) An avocado base alkalizing body cleanser, and

7) An organic cold pressed avocado oil with lime or with garlic.

Second, it is no coincidence that our Ranch is called Ranch Avorado after one of Shelley's characters in her children's book, Doc Broc and the Stone Hinge Cave Adventure, starring Doc Broc and the Avorado Kid.

She also has an incredible recipe books, called "Back to the House of Health, 1 abd 2" with incredible alkalizing recipes using avocados. My favorite is the "Avorado Kid Green Shake."

Third, an important research development in regard to the glucose controlling properties of Avocado's by inhibiting glucokinase responsible for glycolysis that in turn retards and reduces tumor growth.

Fourth, limiting sugar consumption is not the only line of defense for preventing and reversing cancerous tissue. In fact, a botanical extract of glutathione from the avocado plant is showing promise as a new cancer adjunct. When a purified avocado extract was added to a number of tumor cell lines tested in vitro by researchers in the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford University in Britain, they found it inhibited tumor cell glucose uptake by 25 to 75 percent, and it inhibited the enzyme glucokinase responsible for glycolysis. It also inhibited the growth rate of the cultured tumor cell lines.

The same researchers gave lab animals a 1.7 mg/g body weight dose of the glutathione extract for five days; it reduced tumors by 65 to 79 percent. Based on these studies, there is good reason to believe that avocados and the glutathione extract could help cancer patients by limiting glucose to the tumor cells.

Fifth, avocados, nuts, avocado oil, olive oil make more than just great additions to a meal. Eating dishes containing these fatty foods may ward off overeating by signaling your brain to stop eating when you're full.

Pharmacologists at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) found high-fat foods stimulate production of an appetite-suppressing compound in the small intestine. Oleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid found in certain foods, stimulates oleoylethanolamide (OEA) production. OEA then reaches nerve endings that tell the brain the body doesn't need any more food.

Researchers hope the new finding will lead to a treatment option for the 30 percent of Americans who are obese. "We are excited to find that OEA activates cell receptors that already have been the focus of successful drug development," Daniele Piomelli, Ph.D., the Louise Turner Arnold Chair in Neurosciences at UCI, was quoted as saying. "This gives us hope for a new class of anti-obesity drugs based on the savvy use of natural appetite-controlling mechanisms."

In previous studies, Dr. Piomelli also found that increasing OEA levels aids in weight loss and lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

SOURCE: Cell Metabolism, 2008;doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2003.10.071

So, drink an Avorado Kid Green Shake everyday or an Avorado Kid Green Popsicle -- just two of Shelley's incredible inventions.

Eat lots of Young pHorever Avocado oil.

We are now shipping all of our avocado products including hand picking our organic Haas avocados and shipping them directly to your home.

You can learn more about the incredible benefits of avocados by going to our website at: or

You can also find avocado recipes in our latest books from AOL Time Warner, "The pH Miracle", "The pH Miracle for Type I and Type II Diabetes" and "The pH Miracle for Weight Loss."

No wonder Shelley calls avocados God's incredible green butter!

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